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Helping nonprofits help themselves

These days, nonprofit organizations find themselves balancing growing demand for their services with budget constraints that require them to do more with less.

At Nonprofit Works, we understand these challenges, and see our role as helping organizations develop the skills, tools, and expertise they need to help themselves — and their own clients.

Our capacity-building strategy is designed to identify areas of strength and potential growth, enhance overall effectiveness, and create a sustainable organization that can better serve its community.

A flexible approach

We know from experience that each organization has specific needs — from consulting and training to technical support, planning, and finished documents

And we know that it's just as important to provide these services where you need them: virtually (by phone or e-mail), in your offices, or off-site.

So, whether it’s a strategic plan that helps you plot your course and stay on track, a grant application that increases your resources, trainings that help get the most from your board, or a website that serves as an “extra” staff member, our goal is to help you focus on what’s really important: your clients, programs, and funders.

Our clients

We work with a broad range of organizations in a wide variety of fields, including human services, government, education, arts, economic development, and children’s services. View our past and present client list or contact us for an updated list of our clients, including our most recent projects.

Meeting your unique needs

Nonprofit Works offers training and services for individuals, department staffs, or professionals from multiple organizations in the following areas:

Strategic planning (click here for more info)

Organizational success begins by clearly identifying your goals and outlining the path to reaching them. We offer help with strategic planning, logic models, and resource development.

Grant writing and management (click here for more info)

Your grant applications are more likely to be accepted if you know how to identify the right funders for your organization and develop a relationship with them, write a compelling request that conforms to their criteria, and then track and report the results.

Board development and training (click here for more info)

A sustainable organization requires a governing board that understands its responsibilities. We can assess your board’s effectiveness, show you how to recruit new members, and improve the dynamics between board and staff.



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