Training and consulting customized to meet your needs

Nonprofit Works offers a variety of services (see links above) in three distinct formats — training, workshops, and consulting — to fit each organization’s needs and budget:


Our most popular format is customized on-site training because it allows organizations to focus on their specific needs in a familiar and convenient setting that saves valuable time and travel costs.

Session sizes range from individual coaching and departmental groups to all-staff sessions. Most involve 8–12 people, which is ideal in terms of sharing ideas and making it more affordable.*

* We encourage clients to invite staff from other organizations as a way to defray costs


We conduct occasional workshops on popular training topics such as researching grants and developing budgets. Half-day sessions are 3 hours long (with a mid-session break) and full-day sessions are 6 hours (with breaks and lunch), and generally include 15–20 participants from a variety of local nonprofit organizations.

We announce upcoming workshops on our website and e-mail list, and pre-registration is required. If you’re interested in a workshop on a specific topic, contact us and we’ll let you know when there are a sufficient number of people at different organizations in your area to schedule one.


Our capacity-building training and workshops are based on the direct assistance we provide to clients in areas such as budget development, grant writing, communications materials, and other forms of technical support.

We invite organizations to select individual elements from any of the consulting services described below — and inquire about topics not specifically listed — to create a customized training or consultation to meet your needs.

All three formats are available on site (including at conferences, organizational retreats, and annual meetings) or remotely — either via conference call or online “webinar” (for training and workshops) or phone or e-mail (for consulting and technical services).

Every session includes resource materials that participants can adapt for their organization’s specific needs, along with certificates of completion.

For more details on our individual services, see below or contact us to discuss how we can help.

Planning & Budgets

planningOrganizational success begins with clearly identifying your goals, outlining the path to reaching them, and knowing where you are along the journey. Whether your needs are at the agency or program level, we can help with strategic planning, budgets, logic models, and fund development. Our planning services include:

  • Strategic planning — A comprehensive process of analyzing your organization’s development goals and needs over a given period of time, and how best to achieve them.
  • Logic models — A method that uses intended outcomes as the means for determining program methods, required resources, and evaluation techniques.
  • Resource development — Combining budgets and financial information with the knowledge of how to earn or raise the funds and capital necessary for organizational stability and growth.

Grant Writing

grant writingYour grant applications are more likely to be successful if your organization knows how to identify the most appropriate funders for its mission, develop a relationship with them, write a compelling request that conforms to their criteria, and then track and report the results. We can help at every step. Nonprofit Works’ grant-writing services include:

  • Researching grants and finding the best ones for your organization.
  • Helping you plan grant-writing strategies.
  • Training and coaching on writing and preparing all types of grant applications and budgets.
  • Pre-submission review to ensure your grant applications have the greatest chance of success.

Board Training

Board TrainingA sustainable organization requires a governing board that understands its responsibilities. We work with individual or multiple staff members, or the entire board or organization — including evenings, weekends, and at annual retreats — to assess your board’s effectiveness, help it recruit new members, and improve the dynamics between board and staff. Our board-related services include:

  • Defining the board’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Assessing its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cultivating and recruiting new boardmembers.
  • Structuring committees of the board.
  • Delineating typical board-staff relationships.
  • Maximizing boardmembers’ time, skills, and satisfaction.


Communications-300Every organization needs to reach the people it serves, promote its mission, and document its role and value to funders and the broader community. Nonprofit Works can help your organization assess, develop, or refine the communication process and materials it needs to achieve its interim goals. Our communications services include audits and development of:

  • Collateral materials such as brochures, flyers, press releases, newsletters, and reports
  • Digital tools such as e-mail, websites, media lists, audio and video, and social media
  • Communications efforts such as audience identification, messaging, media relations, story and op-ed pitches, and media events

Research Compliance

Research-Compliance-300Organizations that conduct research involving human subjects (or use data derived from it) must comply with state and federal regulations designed to ensure that the rights and welfare of those subjects are protected prior to and during their participation.

Some nonprofit organizations conduct human-subject research such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, or educational testing that will ultimately be used beyond their offices, or use data derived from such research conducted elsewhere.

If your organization conducts human-subject research or uses data from it, it may need to keep the resulting personally identifiable information confidential — even if it is used anonymously.

Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) are committees that review research proposals or data-handling protocols to ensure ethical conduct, promote best practices, and resolve issues that could prevent publications, projects, and programs from proceeding due to compliance concerns.

If your organization believes it may need an IRB review, or would like to consult with an independent IRB analyst before conducting research, using research data, or submitting a proposal to do so, Nonprofit Works’ research compliance services include:

  • Determination of whether IRB review is needed
  • Identifying study design or data-handling issues
  • Pre-submission review to identify issues that could delay or prevent acceptance

For free materials on the topics mentioned above, visit our Resources page.