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Nonprofit Works believes strongly that the path to organizational success starts with planning. Whether it be at the agency or program level, having a road map in hand is the best way to know how you can reach your goals, and how to know where you're at on the journey. We can help.

Our services include
Strategic planning — a comprehensive process to address your organization's development, and plan how it will achieve its goals and needs over a given period of time.
Logic models — a method that "starts with the end in mind" and uses intended outcomes as the means for determining program methods, required resources, and evaluation techniques.
Resource development — combining budgets and financial information with a knowledge of how to earn or raise the funds and capital necessary for organizational stability and growth.
Communications (brochures, flyers, annual reports, Web sites) — assessing and refining the methods your organization uses to promote itself and state its value to the community, clients, and supporters.

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